Technology Solutions

Cloud Computing

A critical component of AIS’ enablement phase is building familiarity with the most universally recognized and utilized cloud computing platforms: AWS and MS Azure. The application of immersive learning, through a combination of instructor-led, lab, and e-learning delivery methods, equips you with the understanding and knowledge needed to successfully implement and manage the cloud architecture for your organization.

Cyber Security

A highly comprehensive syllabus comprised of courses that define the industry standard in cyber-security, this package enables your organizations to embrace the practice of defending your network infrastructure, systems, and devices from cyberthreats and other malicious attacks.


Focusing on key practices in the fields of software development and IT operations, this syllabus strengthens your competencies in delivering services and applications at high speeds and developing and improving products at a more rapid pace than conventional processes.

Software Development

This syllabus is comprised of courses centered around full-stack development for .NET, Java, and MEAN, while also covering critically relevant content on Automation Testing Engineer in a Masters Program.