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Tableau Certification Training Course

Course Overview

Examine the fundamental and technical skills required to master the Tableau platform. Over 56 hours of practical training content, industry projects, and simulation exams will help you become "job-ready" for the data analytics industry. Within the Tableau environment, you'll investigate statistics, data clustering, dashboard creation, and other topics, preparing you to pass the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam.

What you will learn

You will have completed the following tasks by the end of this Tableau Certification Training course:

        Solid knowledge of data visualization, organization, and forecasting using the Tableau platform.

        The ability to present your data through engaging storytelling and dashboard development.

        Fundamental statistical knowledge, visual analytics, and the use of data analytics tools to empower business decisions.

Course Structure

Learn the fundamentals of navigating, optimizing, and leveraging the Tableau platform for effective data analytics reporting. Learn the fundamentals of data analysis, such as data preparation, connections, and interpretations, as well as how to create engaging data visualizations like charts, graphs, dashboards, and stories. Through flexible, self-paced learning content, you'll gain the critical skills needed to sit for the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam, which will help validate your knowledge of the platform.

Who is this course for?

Individuals interested in pursuing this Tableau Certification training must:

        possess at least an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma.

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