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React.js Training Course

Overview of the React JS Certification Course

The main objective of this React Certification course is to familiarize you with the process and provide you with the skills and information you'll need to work as a qualified React developer. You will study the fundamentals of React through instructor-led and self-paced training, enabling you to grasp, design, and manage projects with Redux.

Key Features of the ReactJS Course

  • 1 actual course-related project
  • flexibility in class selection
  • Certificate of course completion accepted by the industry


The development of interactive user interfaces is made simple by the React.js JavaScript library. It is used by companies like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to create UI/UX solutions for mobile devices or the web, taking this course will significantly improve your working skills.

Course Outline


Online developers that develop UI/UX solutions for mobile and web apps and want to use a JavaScript framework to design with React as rapidly as possible are the target audience for this React JS certification course.


Either a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree is required for learners. expertise in building front-end web applications utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Exam & Certification for React JS

What must I do for my certificate to be unlocked?

To pass the React.js training course certification exam:

  • 85 percent of the online React JS course must be completed.
  • attend this React training in its entirety.
  • successful project evaluation

What hardware is needed for this ReactJS course?

software specifications:

  • Node.js (needed for installing JSON Server and Create React App CLI described below) (required for installing JSON Server and Create React App CLI mentioned below)
  • Make a React app (a command-line interface for creating and managing React applications)
  • Server JSON
  • editable code (any)
  • Chrome as the browser

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