UI/UX Design Expert

Course Overview

UI/UX Designers have the most influence on how people interact with experiences because they are the primary drivers in defining a product's user experiences. Simplilearn's UI/UX Design Bootcamp Course will provide you with industry-relevant experience and employable skills to help you excel in your career as a UI/UX Designer.

Learn how to use modern tools like Figma and apply your knowledge in hands-on capstone projects and practical learning sessions.

UX research concepts, design thinking principles, UI prototyping, styling, information architecture, usability, and testing will be covered.

What you will learn

You will become an expert in the following areas after completing this UI/UX Design Bootcamp Program:

        Gather and analyze data to create data-driven user interface designs and user experiences.

        Create an impressive design portfolio full of compelling designs that showcase your brand to the rest of the world.

        Create digital experiences that provide user satisfaction, functionality, user loyalty, and product success.

        Effectively test a design's usability through usability evaluations and cognitive walkthroughs.

Course Structure

This UI/UX Design Bootcamp Course, delivered by Simplilearn, will assist you in applying your skills in hands-on capstone projects in integrated practical learning sessions. Beginning with user research, you'll learn about design thinking and the process of creating modern digital products. You will then ideate and generate solutions to a problem, synthesize your findings and ideas, and test those solutions through prototyping.

Who is this course for?

Professionals who want to succeed in this online UI/UX Design course should have the following skills:

        a bachelor's degree or a high school diploma

This UI/UX Design Bootcamp Program is intended for both experienced and inexperienced professionals. It is best suited for the professionals listed below:

        UI/UX Designer

        UX Researcher

        Product Designer

        Product Manager

        Web Designer

        Graphic Designer

        Stack Engineers

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