Post Graduate Program in DevOps

Overview of DevOps Certification Training

You will discover your inner scientist while taking DevOps certification classes. You'll learn how to create a self-documenting system, formalize development processes, and record them. The DevOps Training course will also cover advanced tools like Puppet, SaltStack, and Ansible that provide self-governance and automated management at scale.



  • Post-Graduate Certificate from Caltech
  • 8X more interaction during live online classes led by subject-matter experts
  • After completing the course, you can earn up to 25 CEUs from Caltech CTME.
  • Caltech CTME lecturer teaches master's level courses.
  • More than 20 real-world projects on integrated labs
  • Director of the Caltech CTME Program's Online Convocation
  • 15+ tools and 40+ in-demand talents
  • capstone project across three fields
  • Membership in the Caltech CTME Circle


The Benefit of DevOps Training

Through a collaboration with Caltech's Center for Technology and Management Education, the Post Graduate Program in DevOps makes use of the academic expertise in DevOps and related technologies that Caltech possesses (Caltech CTME).



This DevOps course is offered in collaboration with the Caltech CTME, a famous science and engineering university that attracts some of the brightest minds in the world. Caltech's achievements have garnered recognition on a global scale, including 38 Nobel Prizes. Caltech's CTME is part of the Engineering and Applied Science Division.


When you finish this program, you'll get:

  • Post-Graduate Certificate from Caltech
  • Become a genuine Caltech CTME learner.
  • Membership in the Caltech CTME Circle
  • Report on the performance of the overall program of study
  • Upon completion of the DevOps course, receive up to 25 CEUs from the Caltech CTME.


Online DevOps Training Details

Enroll in our step-by-step Post-Graduate Program in DevOps to launch your DevOps career. It will prepare you for DevOps Engineer employment with its vast curriculum covering subjects like Git, GitHub, Docker, CI/CD with Jenkins, Kubernetes, and much more.



  • DevOps Techniques
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Supply
  • Implementation Management
  • Containerization
  • Cloud-based DevOpsSource Control
  • Implementation Automation
  • The Cloud Platforms

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