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Post Graduate Program In Data Engineering

Overview of the Data Engineering Bootcamp

This Data Engineering Bootcamp is ideal for professionals because of its thorough coverage of crucial topics like the Hadoop framework, Spark for data processing, Kafka for data pipelines, and big data on the AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures. This PG program is taught through a variety of methods, including live sessions, industrial projects, master courses, IBM hackathons, and Ask Me Anything sessions.

Key Elements

  • Membership in the Alumni Association and accreditation from the Purdue Postgraduate Program
  • IBM offers exclusive master classes and Ask Me Anything sessions.
  • 8X more live engagement in programs taught by industry professionals online
  • 3 domains, 14+ projects, and a capstone with industry statistics from Facebook, YouTube, Glassdoor, and other sources.
  • IBM professionals and Purdue faculty present master classes

Advantages of Data Engineer Certification

This Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering delivers a comprehensive grasp of the Data Engineering domain by utilizing IBM's and Purdue University's academic strengths in the field of data engineering.

Combining Forces With Purdue University

  • to obtain a dual Purdue certification
  • faculty masterclasses at Purdue
  • Membership in the Purdue Alumni Association


  • for IBM courses, industry-recognized IBM certificates
  • IBM holds industry master classes
  • Exclusive hackathons and AMA sessions with IBM executives

Bootcamp: an 8x more efficient method of education

  • online laboratories and practical, hands-on projects
  • Virtual classrooms that are life and have self-paced videos online
  • 24/7 instructional assistance and community forums for students
  • master seminars led by renowned industry figures and university faculty


Details of the Data Engineer Bootcamp

You can develop your career as a Data Engineering professional with the aid of our postgraduate program. This course covers the concepts of big data and data engineering as well as the Hadoop ecosystem, the basics of Apache Python, AWS EMR, Kinesis, Quicksight, Sagemaker, the AWS cloud platform, and Azure services.

Skills Included

  • Processing Data in Real Time
  • Pipelining Data
  • Massive Data Analysis
  • Visualization of data
  • Providing services for data storage
  • A.P. Hadoop
  • Streaming and Batch Data Ingestion
  • Data transformation
  • Putting Security Requirements in Place
  • Protection of Data
  • Techniques for Encryption
  • Controls for data governance and compliance

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