Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security

Overview of Cybersecurity Courses

Through this postgraduate degree in cyber security, you will learn techniques for protecting your infrastructure and safeguarding data, including risk analysis and mitigation, cloud-based security, and compliance. You will learn fundamental to advanced skills through the program's industry-leading cybersecurity certification courses.


Primary Features

  • Certificate of Post-Graduation
  • faculty master classes at MIT
  • Including lessons from the MIT SCC and the EC-Council
  • 8X more interaction during live online classes led by subject-matter experts
  • cyber security case studies from the industry
  • A community for Professional Programs at MIT
  • capstone project across three fields
  • 25+ practical projects


Advantages of a Cyber Security Certification Course

This postgraduate program in cyber security, which includes Cyber Security - Technology, Application, and Policy from MIT SCC, takes advantage of MIT's academic excellence in the field and provides a broad understanding of the subject.



As part of our Post Graduate Program, you can enroll in the executive course Cyber Security — Technology, Application, and Policy from the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.

Key Characteristics of this Module:

  • MIT SCC Executive Program Certification
  • faculty master classes at MIT
  • 6 evaluations from MIT
  • Cybersecurity case study from the industry
  • Community for Professional Programs at MIT


Success Factors for this Post Graduate Program

There is a postgraduate program in cyber security for people who want to develop their technical and programming skills to handle security issues. The well-known Certified Ethical Hacking v12 course from EC Council is a part of our comprehensive curriculum. 


In connection with this program, you will get:

  • EC Council Exam Voucher and Learning Kit
  • Free use of the CEH v12 iLabs for six months.
  • 24 challenges to hacking from the EC Council


Details about Cyber Security Certification

You may enhance your career in cyber security with this comprehensive curriculum, which includes the courses required for certifications. The essential skills are covered first in this cyber security certification curriculum before moving on to more advanced cyber security methods.

Knowledge Covered

  • advanced concepts in hacking
  • Analysis of Network Packets
  • Web and mobile technologies
  • Firewalls and honeypots from IDS
  • Risk and Security Management
  • Network Protection
  • Security in Software Development
  • Models for OSI and TCPIP in cryptography
  • Identification and Access Control
  • Security Testing and Assessment
  • Backdoors, Trojans, and Countermeasures

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