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Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing

Course Overview

This postgraduate program is delivered by Simplilearn in collaboration with Caltech CTME (Center for Technology and Management Education). Students will receive in-depth training in cloud solution design, administration, security, migration, and maintenance, among other topics, allowing them to gain practical experience on today's leading cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The program is organized around a rigorous four-course learning path that culminates in a final capstone project. Each course, which is aligned with AWS and Azure best practices, can help you prepare for Microsoft Azure or AWS certification. Over 40 hands-on projects and labs are integrated into your training to help you develop the "work-ready" skills needed in the job market. You'll also have access to Caltech's masterclasses taught by Caltech CTME instructors, which will help you sharpen your skills for this ever-growing industry.

What you will learn

You will have completed the following tasks by the end of this Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing course:

        A thorough knowledge of cloud computing fundamentals and industry tools

        The ability to apply your cloud computing knowledge to real-world scenarios and projects.

        Extensive knowledge of the world's leading cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP.

Course Structure

Become a cloud computing expert in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP through practical training provided by Simplilearn and developed through Caltech's world-class classes. You'll gain key knowledge in cloud computing fundamentals such as migration, deployment, architecture, and database management, as well as the ability to design and implement reliable cloud applications. Each course provides the technical training needed to pursue Microsoft Azure and AWS certifications, such as AWS Solutions Architect and Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator. Graduates will also receive a Caltech CTME Post Graduate Cloud Computing Certificate as well as a Caltech CTME Bonafide Certificate for completing the program.

This program consists of live virtual classrooms, multiple hands-on projects and labs, and a final capstone project in which you apply everything you've learned. Upon completion, you will also have exclusive access to Caltech masterclasses and an online convocation by the Caltech CTME Program Director. In a cohort-based learning structure, each course is delivered in one-week increments. This means that students must complete training according to their specific schedule, allowing them to focus and practice skills learned in class from beginning to end.

Who is this course for?

Individuals interested in pursuing this Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing must:

        possess a bachelor's degree in any discipline with a grade point average of 50% or higher

This intensive Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing is intended for current professionals who want to broaden their knowledge of the cloud computing sector. Applicants from both programming and non-programming backgrounds are encouraged to apply. There is no requirement for prior work experience.

Individuals best suited to this course could include:

        Software Developers

        Business Professionals

        IT Professionals

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