Post Graduate Program In Business Analytics

Overview of the Business Analytics Program

You will learn how to develop a data mindset and analytical skills to comprehend and communicate data for business problems in this program. This Business Analytics certification course will demystify data analysis and provide you with the skills you need to apply it to your work or advance your education, regardless of your job function or educational experience.


Benefits of Certification in Business Analytics

This Business Analytics certification program offers cutting-edge online education from world-class professors. Attend live masterclasses led by UMN professors and IBM specialists to learn the skills required for success in business.


Working in collaboration with the University of Minnesota

  • Certification for the Carlson School of Management program
  • membership in the alumni association of the University of Minnesota

Collaborative Program with IBM

  • For IBM courses, industry-recognized IBM Certificates
  • IBM specialists present live online master lectures in business analytics
  • The hackathons IBM hosts


Details for the Business Analytics course

This highly engaging, market-driven business analytics course covers the specific skills required in the field, such as Excel, SQL, R, Python, data visualization tools, and many others. Working on projects related to your industry as part of our curriculum will provide you with on-the-job experience.


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