PMI-RMP® Certification Training

Course Overview

Learn about project and project risk management fundamentals using the PMI-RMP certification methodology. Develop an organized, logical approach to dealing with uncertainty in projects by learning to prepare for, manage, and minimize both known and unknown risks. You will graduate from the course with a Simplilearn course completion certificate and the knowledge necessary to pass the PMI-RMP test, establishing your credentials as a proven risk management expert.


What you will learn

Following completion of this PMI-RMP Certification Training, you will:

  • The capacity to anticipate, recognize, and manage project hazards.
  • Understanding of the common methods and tools used to track and manage project risks.
  • The capacity to perform qualitative risk analysis and risk audits.


Course Structure

In cooperation with Simplilearn, the PMI-RMP Certification Training offers all the fundamental knowledge needed to pass the PMI-RMP test. Project planning and data analysis are among the basic components of project management that are covered here. There are also specialized sections on the many tools, strategies, and approaches essential to effective project risk management. Gain the necessary skills for qualitative risk evaluations and audits by learning to recognize, plan for, manage, and mitigate potential project risks. Those who finish the course will receive 32 Professional Development Units (PDUs), which will qualify them to take the PMI-RMP certification test, which verifies their newly acquired skills as risk management specialists.


Who is this course for?

People interested in taking this course should possess the following:

  • 40 hours of project risk management training or education for people with a high school certificate and a minimum of 4,500 hours of professional project risk management experience over the previous five years (or equivalent qualification). OR

  • A bachelor's degree or higher, at least 3,000 hours of professional project risk management experience during the previous five years, and 30 hours of project risk management study or training.

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