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MongoDB Certification Training Course

Overview of the MongoDB Certification Course

MongoDB certification training helps you get job-ready by supporting you in learning data modeling, ingestion, query, sharding, and data replication with MongoDB, along with installing, upgrading, and maintaining the MongoDB environment. You'll also learn about MongoDB configuration and backup methods, as well as monitoring and operational procedures.

Training for MongoDB: Key Features

  • 8X more live engagement in programs taught by industry professionals online
  • 3 commercial ventures in the e-learning and telecom fields
  • Six practical lab exercises that will be carried out on a virtual computer
  • 60 demonstrations outlining essential ideas


In the rising market for data-centric online applications in the areas of financial services, social media, retail, and healthcare, MongoDB has emerged as a formidable competitor. The top 500 firms in the world make extensive use of MongoDB services.

MongoDB Course Content


The professionals who would benefit the most from taking the MongoDB certification online course include database administrators, database architects, software developers, database professionals, project managers, IT developers, testers, analytics professionals, research professionals, and system administrators.


Either a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree is required for learners. A fundamental understanding of any programming language, database, SQL, and query language for databases is required. Having some practical experience with Linux-based systems is also helpful.

Exam & Certification for MongoDB

How long is the certificate valid and who issues it?

Once you have successfully finished the MongoDB certification course, Simplilearn will issue you a certificate of completion that is respected in the industry and is valid for life.

Are there any practice exams included in this course?

Yes, we include 1 practice test as part of our course to help you get ready for the actual certification exam. Try our Free MongoDB Developer Exam Practice Test to have a better sense of the types of exams that will be covered in the course syllabus.

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