ITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct Plan, and Improve

Course Summary

With the help of practical, strategic techniques, this ITIL 4 Strategist course will show you how to plan and deliver continuous improvement with the necessary agility. The ITIL Strategist certification program is suitable for both the ITIL Managing Professional and Strategic Leader streams because planning and continuous improvement are skills that are common to all professions.

Key Elements

  • Exam cost is included
  • two practice exams
  • 20 PDUs for independent study

Skills Included

  • Running Model
  • tactics and operations
  • Government compliance management
  • DPI's risk management
  • the streamlining of processes
  • mapping a value stream

Course Outline


The target audience for this DPI ITIL Strategist course is IT leaders and managers at all organizational levels who are pursuing the ITIL Managing Professional (MP) or ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) designations or who are engaged in deciding IT direction and strategy. The ITIL Strategist certification is also appropriate for ITSM managers, ITSM practitioners in charge of IT-enabled products and services, people in charge of the end-to-end delivery of IT-enabled products and services, and ITIL qualification holders who want to expand their knowledge.


Learners must possess a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree. Additionally, they had to be ITIL 4 Foundation certified.

Certification & Exam

What qualifications are needed for this course?

To enroll in this ITIL Strategist training, applicants must:

  • I succeeded on the ITIL 4 Foundation test.
  • attended a training session for this module that was approved

How is the ITIL 4 Strategist DPI Certification exam structured?

  • Training in ITIL4 Strategist Direct, Plan, and Improve must be completed.
  • Examine your knowledge of ITIL4 Strategist Direct, Plan, and Improve
  • Earn at least 65% on the test (26 accurate responses from 40 questions) in the allotted 90 minutes.

What does the ITIL 4 Direct, Plan, and Improve Examination aim to accomplish?

The ITIL 4 Direct, Plan, and Improve publication's concepts must be sufficiently understood and applied for a candidate to build a "learning and improving" IT organization. The ITIL 4 Direct, Plan, and Improve qualification is one prerequisite for the designation of ITIL 4 Managing Professional, which assesses a candidate's knowledge of how to manage efficient IT-enabled services, teams, and workflows. It is also a prerequisite for the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader designation, which assesses a candidate's ability to create and carry out an effective IT and digital strategy that can deal with the disruption brought on by the digital era.

How quickly will I get the results of my ITIL 4 Direct, Plan, and Improve Exam?

After taking the exam, you will have your ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module results in 10–15 business days.

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