ITIL® 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT

Course Summary

You will get familiarity with working procedures such as agile and lean management, as well as technology like as cloud and automation testing, through this ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT program. This course should be taken by ITIL Managing Professionals (ITIL MPs) and ITIL Strategic Leaders (ITIL SLs), who work to provide high velocity-IT.

Key Elements        

  • Exam cost is included
  • two practice exams
  • E-learning will be accessible beginning on March 31, 2020.

Skills Included

  • Lean and flexible management
  • management of risk
  • management of information security
  • Infrastructure administration
  • platform control
  • service continuity administration
  • Monitoring and managing events
  • Problem solving
  • Digital transformation

Course Outline


Take this ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT course if you want to be eligible for IT management and service management responsibilities, as well as the ITIL Managing Professional (MP) designation. Taking this ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT course will also be beneficial for professionals extending their careers as IT managers, ITSM managers and practitioners, and professionals managing IT-enabled goods and services.


Either a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree is required for learners. passed the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.

Certification & Exam

What qualifications are needed for this course?

Those who wish to enroll in this ITIL Specialist: HVIT training should possess the following:

  • I succeeded on the ITIL 4 Foundation test.
  • attended a training session for this module that was approved

How is the ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT certification exam structured?

  • complete training for ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT
  • Take the ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT certification exam
  • Obtain a minimum score of 70 percent on the test in 90 minutes (28 correct responses out of 40 questions).

What accomplishes the ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT test?

The ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT test will determine whether a candidate can demonstrate that they have a sufficient understanding of and ability to apply the concepts contained in the ITIL Specialist: HVIT publication. The ITIL Specialist: HVIT certificate is one of the prerequisites for the ITIL 4 Managing Professional certification, which assesses a candidate's knowledge of how to manage efficient IT-enabled services, teams, and workflows.

How long will it take for me to get the results of my ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT exam?

After taking the test, you will have your ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT exam results in 10 to 15 business days.

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