Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack

Course Overview

The Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack Bootcamp Program provides training in the most recent Java-based web development tools, practices, and technologies.

This program, divided into four courses, provides extensive training in the four core layers of MEAN: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. Hands-on projects conclude each lesson (10 in total) and phase (4 in total), culminating in a final capstone project that sums up one's training. Students will also learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and GIT, preparing them to design, build, deploy, and maintain interactive web applications and services. Graduates will have not only developed the technical skills necessary to launch a career in web development, but also a substantial starting portfolio to impress employers.

What you will learn

You will have completed the following tasks by the end of this Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack Bootcamp Program:

        An understanding of the MEAN Java framework's key technologies

        The ability to create, deploy and test interactive web applications.

        Front-end, middleware, and back-end web development technologies are all required.


Course Structure

The Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack Bootcamp Program will introduce you to one of the most valuable and in-demand technology concepts in web application design. You'll learn over 20 in-demand skills, including MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js ("MEAN"), as well as fundamental web-based programming languages like Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

By the end of the course, you'll have learned how to create end-to-end web applications from the ground up, using both front and back-end technologies. You'll also gain valuable industry experience through a variety of hands-on assignments and a final capstone project, which will help you build your portfolio and online professional profiles.


Who is this course for?

Individuals interested in participating in this Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack Bootcamp Program must:

        hold a technical degree, such as a Bachelor's/Master's in Information Technology, an engineering degree, or a Bachelor's/in Master's Computer Science; or an equivalent

        have basic programming knowledge

Individuals who would benefit most from this course include:

        Professional programmers who want to hone their web development skills using the MEAN Java framework.

        Web Developers

        Software Developers

        DevOps Engineers

        Product Engineers

        Test Engineers

        Technical Consultants

        IT Analysts

        IT Programmers

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