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CompTIA Security+ Certification - Sy0-601 Exam Training

Course Overview

Under the globally recognized CompTIA framework, gain the certified vendor-neutral security skills required for mitigating cyber security risks, implementing security protocols, and analyzing applications or devices. Develop practical skills in incident response, cryptography, vulnerability scanning, and other areas, paving the way for a career in IT security engineering, security analysis, and network architecture. By the end of the course, you'll have gained the knowledge needed to sit for and pass the CompTIA Security+ SYO-601 certification exam, establishing yourself as a certified cyber security expert.


What you will learn

You will have completed the following tasks by the end of this CompTIA Security+ Certification Training:

  • Knowledge of computer network architecture, cryptography, and authentication technologies is required.
  • The capability of mitigating and managing common cyber security risks and threats
  • The ability to put effective security solutions in place while adhering to existing compliance policies.


Course Structure

This introductory course covers the fundamentals of cyber security, such as threat/vulnerability assessment and management, penetration testing, risk mitigation, incident response, and compliance.


Who is this course for?

Though not required, individuals interested in enrolling in this course should have at least a CompTIA Network+ certification.

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