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Big Data Engineer

Course Overview

You may deepen your understanding and experience in the field of data engineering with the help of our big data engineer bootcamp program. With our specialist data engineering training courses, which span 7 courses and cover topics like Big Data & Hadoop frameworks and how to use the features of AWS services, you may develop marketable skills that are in high demand. Through interactive workshops and real-world projects, the Big Data Engineering certification program teaches you how to use the database management tool and MongoDB.

What you will learn

When this Bootcamp Program is over, you will have achieved the following:

  • Gain deep knowledge and actionable skills in big data engineering tools e.g. Data Model Creation, Database Interfaces, and more
  • Build competency in modeling and replicating data
  • Build practical experience in working with Kafka Connect.

Course Structure

This Big Data Engineer Bootcamp program, which Simplilearn and IBM are delivering, is intended to aid in the development of thorough knowledge and employable skills in the field of big data. You will gain a thorough grasp of using big data engineering techniques like Data Model Creation, Database Interfaces, Advanced Architecture, Scala, Spark SQL, Flume, and more over the course of seven sessions.

With the help of a NoSQL database management system called MongoDB and practical experience utilizing data integration technologies like Kafka Connect, the course will provide you the skills necessary to model large data, execute ingestion, replicate data, and share data.

You will obtain certifications from IBM (for IBM Data Engineering courses) and Simplilearn at the conclusion of the Big Data Engineer certification course for each course in the learning path. After completing the training, these certifications serve as a proof of your expertise in Big Data Engineering, giving you an advantage in the job market.

Who is this course for?

This Big Data Engineer Bootcamp program is designed for all newcomers or any professionals looking to start a career in Big Data.

Professionals wishing to succeed in this Bootcamp Program should have:

  • an undergraduate degree or high school qualification
  • any fundamental knowledge of SQL, data structures, and algorithms
  • knowledge of programming basics such as Python and Java is not necessary but may be beneficial

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