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Apache Kafka Certification Training

Overview of the Apache Kafka Certification Course

Enroll in our logical Post-Graduate DevOps Program to launch your DevOps career. You will be ready for DevOps Engineer roles because to its comprehensive curriculum, which covers subjects like Git, GitHub, Docker, CI/CD with Jenkins, Kubernetes, and much more.


Kafka Training Important Elements

  • Access to self-paced material for a full year
  • Contains one industry-specific case study

Kafka Course Content


If these people wish to work in the big data industry, they can enroll in this Apache Kafka certification course. Additionally, academics, IT developers, testers, project managers, and individuals looking to change careers in the analytics industry can find it useful.


Either a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree is required for learners. D133Previous knowledge of any programming language such as Linux, or Unix-based systems.


Exam & Certification for Kafka

How long is the certification good for and who issues it?

The Kafka certification, also known as the CCDAK (Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka) certification, is offered by Confluent. The certificate expires in two years. Your certification must be renewed every two years.

Do you offer sample exams as a part of this program?

Yes, as part of our course, we provide 1 practice test to help you get ready for your certification exam. You can take this Apache Kafka MCQ Quiz - Free Practice Test to get a feel for the types of exams that are covered in the course syllabus.

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