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Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization Certification Training

Course Summary

You will learn the methods required to steadily increase landing page conversion rates on microsites and websites in the Conversion Rate Optimization course. You will learn about the many parts of conversion optimization and how to track website traffic so that you can develop marketing strategies that will appeal to clients.

Skills Included

  • Conversion optimization factors
  • Conversion strategy
  • Concepts for conversion structure and design
  • Web measurement and analytics
  • Web measurement and analytics
  • PPC-based conversion


You may increase leads and conversions on your website by obtaining the Website Conversion Rate Optimization Certification. A certified expert in conversion rate optimization typically earns $74,615 per year.

Course Outline


The best candidates for this CRO training course are experts who want to specialize in website conversion rates optimization, such as digital marketers, optimization and analytics professionals, individuals looking to increase the profits of their online business, and digital marketers who use a data-driven strategy to generate revenue.


Either a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree is required for learners. Internet and Microsoft Office proficiency are recommended. Despite not being required, our Conversion Optimization Foundations course benefits many of the participants.

Certification & Exam

How do I obtain Advanced CRO Certification?

  • 85% of the course must be completed.
  • Obtain a minimum grade of 60% on all 3 projects and 1 simulation test.

What qualifications are needed to receive the certification?

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. However, participants should be eager to learn more about conversion optimization and have a fundamental knowledge of the internet and Microsoft Office. Although it is not required, many attendees would benefit from taking our Conversion Optimization Foundations course.

Do you offer any sample exams as a part of this program?

Yes, as part of our course, we provide 1 practice test to help you get ready for your certification exam. Take this free website conversion rate optimization practice test to gain a better sense of the types of exams that will be covered in the course syllabus.

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